Air Vantage Access is a provider of technical access solutions to industrial, marine and commercial sectors across energy, resource and infrastructure projects. We can provide consultation, auditing, scope review, planning and execution services.

UAV Inspection

Aerial Inspection has many use cases beyond that classic birds eye photo becoming so common on real estate listings. With an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV we can determine whether it is time to clean your gutters, check the condition of your solar panels, conduct heat mapping to spot gaps in your roof insulation and inspect the general state of your roof. This however is just the tip of the iceberg. Reaching beyond domestic application UAVs can help monitor the dimension and best utilisation of your lay down area at the building site. Using 2 dimensional mapping techniques we can determine the best area for stockpile, stacking materials, even whether the mobile crane required for those weekend lifts will require more space to set up. With this in mind using 3D scanning techniques at your construction site we can compare as-built with model and plan, feeding up to date information back to ensure progress reporting is as accurate as it can be. These are simple and readily available applications for today’s construction and building maintenance needs.

Air Vantage Access can be engaged for a small site survey in a matter of hours, to large scale digital twin creation of your asset. The digital twin is the desktop copy of your asset as it stands today. With the ability to inspect to the millimetre level from the safety of the ground, be that behind the UAV controls or from the office on the other side of the world, the digital twin is the most efficient way to monitor the life cycle degradation, maintenance strategy effectiveness and plan rectification works when required.


With expertise in rope access, rigging, scaffolding and Inspection access solutions will be tailored to meet the most efficient and cost effective in implementation and for scope duration.

AVA has a flawless safety record which is accredited to experience, education and training and procedures developed to the highest of standards. Detailed planning in the execution phase allows AVA to respond effectively and efficiently to scope growth and your reactive maintenance needs. This includes comprehensive management of change processes. AVA seeks to be the service provider of choice for your difficult access requirements.

Rope Access – Work at height is perceived as inherently dangerous. Rope Access has the best safety record globally for any work at height methodology. Utilising rope access to compliment and solve rigging, scaffolding and access challenges has set the industry on fire in recent years. The efficiency, professionalism and regard to health and well being our technicians exude is unparalleled and will exceed your expectations.

Services include: window cleaning; facade maintenance and inspection; technical rigging; rescue planning and standby services; confined space entry management; abseil access; advanced rope access techniques.

Scaffolding – Often required, but also, often overdone. Scaffolding can be cumbersome and time consuming to erect and dismantle – inflating the cost of a job. We seek to minimise the required footprint of scaffolding through bespoke solutions combining all access methodologies. Our technicians have trained and worked in the UK, North America and Australia and as such have been exposed to a variety of scaffolding applications resulting in cost effective implementation for your access needs.

Services Include: temporary roof systems; shoring; access towers and platforms; swing stages; temporary lifting points.

Rigging – Our experience is derived through offshore and onshore oil and gas, span bridge restoration, telecommunications and event rigging. With a view to simplicity and innovative out of the box thinking our clients value the efficiency with which a scope can be executed whilst surpassing the highest of safety standards.

Services include: permanent and temporary static line installations and inspection; event rigging; sky sign installation, industrial rigging services.


Anchor point Installation & Inspection

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