3D scanning and photogrammetry

Our tech includes first-of-its-kind adaptive scanning software to automate the data capture process needed to generate 3D models with comprehensive coverage and ultra-high resolution. Perform higher quality inspections faster, with greater accuracy.

Reporting is tailored to the client’s needs: Access detailed data sets to allow for remote desktop analysis.

Request a full inspection reporting and recommendations for action.

Elect for post-inspection technical access solutions, project management and supervision.

Inspections and reporting

Using advanced 3D scan UAVs, AVA is able to generate high resolution, incredibly detailed 2D scans, 3D models, full digital twins and annotated reports in real time. Cut out dangerous manual inspections and be able to inspect and re-inspect your own assets with this ground-breaking technology.

For logistics and agribusiness we offer 2D topography scans and contour mapping, volume calculations and stockpile analysis.

Additionally, we have heat mapping and thermographic survey capabilities.

AVA is not your run-of-the-mill drone service provider, and we work with clients who need bespoke, cutting-edge solutions that offer innovation to find efficiencies, improve performance and safety. We invite you to find out more about specific services in our cap stats below and call us to discuss your specific project needs.

Precise aerials and videography

Useful across a multitude of applications, our drones capture world-class photos and footage. With built in AI, we program the UAV to capture smooth, complex camera shots. We generate sensational fly-throughs for architecture, property development and real estate. Our technology is also an excellent tool for construction, making regular longitudinal studies to track and report progress simple, cost-effective and accurate. Just imagine the possibilities.

Contact us to see how we can support your inspection needs.

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