Inspection recommendations

What sets AVA apart from the competition, is that the team at AVA are experienced in technical access. Director Tim Evans has three decades of experience in rope access, rigging and scaffolding along with qualifications and experience in project and construction management.

Tim carefully chooses his team to have the right capabilities to not only inspect assets for clients but also undertake many maintenance tasks and repairs. Choose AVA to get the job done efficiently and comprehensively.

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Technical solutions

Solving the problem begins with a conversation. Communicating the needs and requirements will allow the proper planning process to begin. Whether the problem is a lack of data or a lack of access, AVA can offer solutions that are aligned with the project philosophy.

We offer:

  • 3D scanning and modelling
  • Aerial survey and inspection
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Project management
  • Risk analysis relating to high risk activities
  • Complex technical rigging and lift studies
  • Scaffold design
  • Rope access.

AVA are well networked within the construction and maintenance industries. We prefer collaborative models where the best ideas are put forth and delivery models excel due to the engagement of SMEs at the required project milestones.

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Interested in working with AVA?

We employ CASA-accredited pilots and rope access technicians with trades. AVA invests in the training and development of our team to all be proficient in using specialised UAV technology and to provide exceptional solutions for our clients.

If you’re interested in working with AVA, contact us with your career history and aspirations.

Air Vantage Access Pty Ltd | Fremantle, Western Australia | Director: Tim Evans